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Takihyo's Textile Division launched the 1751LAB brand, named after the year the company was founded. The brand offers special fabrics catering to higher end customers by combining techniques from skilled Japanese mills and selective raw materials to their highest potential. It owns a yarn mill, which uses a traditional British spinning machine to develop original yarns. Since it's launch, 1751LAB has created unique fabrics that amaze world customers.  

Specialties: Special finishing fabrics, Mixed materials



General MOQ: 550yds/col/order

Price Range: $15-$40/yd (FOB Japan)

Delivery Time (BULK):  60 - 75days

Sustainable Materials:
Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Non-Mulesd & Traceable Wool, Recycled Nylon and Recycled Polyester


Takihyo's own yarn mill uses traditional British spinning machines. 

The machines spin yarn adding bulkiness and softness through a longer spinning process, without placing stress on fibers. This brings out the properties of the raw material to the fullest. Also, unique mixed yarns from selective raw materials have been developed. 


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