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Inspired by the Japanese expression mottainai (what a waste!), Motta Loop is a closed-loop, upcycling textile initiative creating new fibers and fabrics out of discarded materials.


Takihyo is a 270 year old Japanese textile business that creates fabrics and garments all over Asia for brands around the world. With all that business, the environmental impacts of the textile industry cannot be ignored. That is why we believe that it is our responsibility to lessen the environmental impact of our process. Motta Loop puts the waste from our factories and partners to good use. The goal is to work with customers to lessen our impact and make something truly stylish, interesting and new. 


Closed-Loop Textile Upcycling

There are two ways in which we recycle old fabrics, mechanical and chemical. Our mechanically recycled fibers are made by shredding pre-consumer textile waste, such as cutting scraps. Mechanical recycling is usually performed with cotton. Chemical recycling is done by melting synthetic fabrics and re-spinning them into new fibers. Chemical recycling is primarily done with polyester. 


No matter if you want natural or synthetic fibers, we offer a stock yarn for you to create a custom fabric. To create a truly closed-loop system, we can use your brand’s waste to create new yarns. 

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