MILL PROFILE: Nikke Textile

Mill Overview: 

Nikke, founded in 1896, is one of the top wool mills in the world. They produce yarns to fabrics focusing on wool. With their history rooted in producing uniforms and suits, they offer fine wool fabrics to heavy weight melton fabrics. Their fabric archives are used not only for their fabric development, but also as inspiration for customers. At the same time, they proactively adopt new technology in order to enhance the quality of fabrics both aesthetically and physically. You will find many innovative materials from them. 

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Specialities: Wool Fabrics


General MOQ: Made in Japan  220yds/col/order 

                           Made in China   1,100yds/col/order


Price Range:  Made in Japan $25-$35/yd (FOB Japan)

                          Made in China  $14-$25/yd (FOB Japan)


Delivery Time:  60 - 75days