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PAPER PROJECT Announces A New Line of Innerwear Made with Paper Yarn

PAPER PROJECT Announces New Line of Innerwear

PAPER PROJECT’s Latest Innovation Combines Paper Yarn and Mint Extract for A More Comfortable Clothing Experience.

New York— PAPER PROJECT is a fashion and apparel brand of humble beginnings. In May 2019, the brand launched its first Kickstarter campaign for its initial product, Odorless All Day Comfort Socks. What made this campaign such a success was the fact that these weren’t made with everyday materials. Instead, they are made with a natural and functional material known as paper yarn. Paper yarn intrigued many backers, and now that initial products have been sent out, people are asking for more.

“Many Kickstarter customers asked if they could get more. The touch is new to most people, but it is so compelling that most of them become obsessed with it. Like I did.” – Shoko Goda, Director of PAPER PROJECT. 

So, what makes this new material so fascinating? Paper yarn is extracted from both manila hemp and spruce. The fiber in this material has been used in specialty papers, including currency notes, medical papers, and even tea bags. To create paper yarn, the process begins by harvesting the raw material (the manila hemp). From there, it is made into paper, and then slit into fine fibers, which is then twisted together with polyester yarn to create the uniquely soft, durable fibers used in our many products.  

This material can then be knit to create outstanding products, such as the PAPER PROJECT’s Odorless All Day Comfort Socks. This paper yarn also offers some great features including breathability, overall comfort, and anti-bacterial properties. 

Thanks to the antibacterial nature of our paper yarn, which stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, our socks and other innerwear are great anti-odor pieces to include in your daily wardrobe. Based on ISO test standards, our knit socks made of paper yarn reduced 99% of Isovaleric acid gas and 98% of Acetic acid gas—the main culprits of foot odor.  

PAPER PROJECT is now excited to announce that they have expanded their products and are now offering a new line of innerwear, including socks, underwear, and unisex t-shirts. 

"Socks, underwear and t-shirts. We developed items that are close to the skin and should be most comfortable. Paper yarn wicks moisture away from the skin, absorbs nasty odor, and keeps it fresh." – Shoko Goda

Since innerwear sits against the body in some of the most intimate ways, it’s important to have clothing that treats the body right, something that the PAPER PROJECT firmly believes in. Thanks to the unique combination of materials and the new addition of Mint extract to help fight odors and bacteria growth, they believe consumers will quickly fall in love with this eco-friendly option. This fabric has a unique softness and elasticity to it and has shown to be comfortable against the body, as seen in both coldness and warmth feeling tests.  

The PAPER PROJECT website was just launched with a variety of new products, including both socks and t-shirts for men and women; however, the new line of innerwear will also include both boxer briefs and short styles for men for $38. Items currently available can be viewed online at New items will be posted as they become available.

About PAPER PROJECT: PAPER PROJECT is a New York-based brand under a Japanese textile company that sells fabrics worldwide, making them an expert in textiles of all kinds. Once they came across the unique feel and functionalities of paper yarn, they knew that there was a market for the product and felt compelled to bring it to consumers in the way of innerwear. The brand prides themselves on minimizing their environmental impact, and while they use natural resources in their production process, they donate one tree for every pair of socks sold via the National Forest Foundation. Want to learn more about the amazing properties of paper yarn? Visit PAPER PROJECT online at

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