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Report of Takihyo’s Impact for Fabscrap in 2020

Who is Fabscrap?

Takihyo is proud to share a report of its impact in 2020 for Fabscrap, a textile recycling and reusing service that plays an important role in increasing the sustainability of textiles in its base of New York City, where commercial recycling lacks rules and companies often struggle to figure out how to recycle their textile waste. In addition, in New York City, textiles make up about 6% of waste, and commercial textile waste is roughly estimated to be 40 times larger than residential textile waste, which consists of 200,000 tons of clothing, shoes, accessories, and linen every year. Fabscrap makes it more accessible and convenient for businesses with unwanted textiles to recycle them and give them away for reuse.

Fabscrap carries out on-call or scheduled unwanted textile pickups with businesses, organizes the textiles to determine whether they should be recycled, reused, or resold, and then recycles textiles and distributes them for reuse through their shops. When recycling, Fabscrap shreds proprietary textiles to make materials such as insulation, carpet padding, furniture lining, and moving blankets. For reuse, the shops can be especially useful for students and designers.

Takihyo’s Impact for Fabscrap

In 2020, Fabscrap collected 176,942 pounds of fabric and saved 1,291 tons of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of planting 19,365 trees. Takihyo is proud to have been a contributing member to these statistics in 2020, giving 827 pounds of fabric to Fabscrap and saving 6.08 tons of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of planting 91.2 trees. Takihyo will continue to use Fabscrap’s services to strive to reduce its carbon footprint. For more information, visit the Fabscrap website.

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