About Takihyo

Takihyo was founded in 1751 in Japan, with its origin rooted in the Kimono garments business.
From the beginning, Takihyo has always followed the philosophy of putting the customer first and has responded and contributed to ever-changing society. Under its operational policy of "undertaking new challenges at all times", we will continue to offer the tools to fulfill the dreams and inspiration of our customers through fashion. Takihyo NY, as one of the branch offices of Takihyo, also follows this spirit and dedicates itself to distribute quality fabrics and garments to customers in the U.S. The fabrics we offer range from a wide spectrum of casual shirting and denim fabrics to drape synthetic fabrics, all of which are primarily sourced from Japanese mills.


Our relationship with various Japanese mills allows us to provide a wide spectrum of fabric options. The meticulously curated assortment of fabrics addresses different design needs with quality, aesthetic, and function in mind.


Paper Project


PAPER PROJECT is our own brand that aims to develop products made with paper yarn and introduce its benefits to the world. Visit its online store to get paper socks, tees, and underwear.